Fia Crombie has been living two lives; the problem is she doesn't know it yet. But with the world as she knows it is on the brink of destruction, she'll need to learn the truth or lose everything.

At sixteen Fia has lived on the outside looking in. Her only friend is her neighbor, Jason, despite the fact that he gives new meaning to the word 'unreliable'. To make matters worse, Fia has started having the dream again; a reoccurring nightmare of being trapped in a city consumed by fire. When Jason tells her he discovered something strange in the woods near her home, she agrees to investigate only to be ripped from everything she knows and thrown into the world from her nightmare.

Fia wakes in a parallel life with parents and friends she has never met, and magical powers that should be impossible. While she struggles to get a handle on her new life, the city is attacked and Fia is kidnapped. Her captors ransack the city of Athnos looking for the Source that holds extraordinary power and binds the worlds together. In her struggle to escape and save Athnos, Fia must call on a forbidden power and ultimately make the sacrifice of a lifetime.



The Quiet Dark

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